Pure Balance

Who are we?

Pure Balance is a bespoke therapeutic service offering counselling, acupuncture and yoga as an integrative approach.

Each session will be customised to your individual needs, however they will all typically follow the same arrangement. Sessions will start with an update on your physical and mental health so that I can best ascertain what changes have occurred since previous consultations. This is followed by a more in-depth counselling period, led by your needs on what you feel you need assistance with.

Drawing on the information from these I shall create an tailor-made acupuncture treatment plan, utilising a minimum amount of needles to create a maximum effect.

During the acupuncture treatment you are free to relax in silence, listen to music, or carry out some guided mindfulness meditations if you prefer.

Each theraputic session ends with yoga to further relax or energise you as you feel is required.

The origins of Pure Balance

Having spent many years working within Forensic Psychology, it would often frustrate me (and my patients) that the normal treatment protocol was to treat physical health and mental health completely independently. This was not due to ignorance, merely due to the structure of the western medicine ethos and how it trains clinicians. Think about it...How many times has a physical illness/injury affected you mentally, or vice versa? Mental and physical health are so inextricably linked that in order to achieve optimal health, we should be considering both factors concurrently. This is what Pure Balance is all about.

It was during a career break in China while completing my Yoga teacher training that the seeds of Pure Balance were sown. Eastern medicine tends to be much more integrative in its approach and Yoga is an especially perfect example of this integration. Since then I have been working hard to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to provide a service that you can be confident in to meet your bespoke needs. As such, I am uniquely able to create a tailor-made individual treatment plan for most common ailments/injuries.

My qualifications are as follows: